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When your books are in disarray, the chaos can impact your entire business. Maybe you know the feeling....

Are you worried about whether you’re meeting all your obligations?
Are you unsure about what expenditures you can afford?
Do you know if you’re meeting your financial goals for the year?

When you’re working so hard on your business, it’s easy to let bookkeeping slide—but if you can’t clearly see your financial picture, how can you make the right decisions for your company?

Wouldn’t it be great to know what your numbers are telling you?

Small Business

Maybe you’ve been running a small business for some time and things have gradually gotten behind. If so, it’s time to get a professional eye on your accounts. (And don’t be embarrassed, we’ve seen plenty of shoeboxes jammed with receipts.)

Scaling Upward

Like lots of companies these days, you might be scaling upward, intentionally positioning yourself for growth. But do you have the accounting services you’ll need as you scale?

A New Enterprise

Or maybe you’re just starting out in a new enterprise and you want to make sure everything is orderly from the get-go. We can set up systems that keep the books tidy and also provide data for cohesive startup strategy.

Lovejoy & Numbers finds the story on your spreadsheet and calms the chaos.

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Hi, I’m Jana Lovejoy, founder of Lovejoy & Numbers. Yes, Lovejoy is really my name, because I find love and joy in working with numbers! I also love helping people understand the numbers they have.

As a CPA and an Advanced Certified Quickbooks Online Pro Advisor, I’ve served at all levels of the business world. I’ve worked at a top accounting firm and a major nonprofit, but then I created a small business where—well, you know what it’s like - I do it all, soup to nuts. Now I find special joy in working with other small businesses, putting their books in order. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of turning chaos to clarity and empowering other business owners to take control of their financial situation.

Every number tells a story. And when you have all the data in the right spots, you’ll quickly see what’s working and what isn’t. You’ll have the knowledge you need to make strategic decisions to build your business.

"My business would not be where it is today without Jana from Lovejoy & Numbers. Jana set up my bookkeeping system when I was just starting out and has helped me grow along the way. She has advised many productivity tools that have streamlined my business and she helped me implement and learn how to use them. Jana makes things easy to understand and is very responsive and helpful. I highly recommend the services of Lovejoy & Numbers!”
Jenny Dietsch
Owner and Chief Executive Organizer, Getting it Done Organizing
"Contracting with Jana Lovejoy has been one of the best decisions we’ve made! She communicates with us in language non-accountants can easily understand. We also love her transparency. I can log into our account at any time and pull the reports I need. She has even done some training for our board members to help them understand our financial reports. Our reports are always accurate and our annual 990 has become a breeze!"
Terrie Robinson
Associate Director at Village of Hope Uganda
"Jana helped me clean up my books when my former bookkeeper unexpectedly passed away.  She helped us transition to quickbooks online and has given me increased confidence going forward!!"
Wade Chessman
Owner of Chessman Wealth Strategies.

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We love to set up, clean up and manage QBO files. We perform various bookkeeping, accounting, and consulting services - we can tailor our packages to meet your specific needs or you can choose one of the following service packages.

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Take control of your numbers.

See how better accounting can set you up for success!

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Which Service Package is Right for You?

New Business Venture

We’ll set up the systems you need to properly record and track your income, manage your expenses and analyze your financial reports each month to help you make strategic decisions that help you grow your business.

Set up and customize Quickbooks Online
Connect and automate accounts and transactions
Set up invoicing and payment processes
Provide training and/or monthly support

Getting Caught Up

We’ll work together to create a plan to clean up and catch up your records. We’ll also identify the tools and information you need to use and see on a timely and consistent basis to strategically manage your business.

Catch up bank and credit card reconciliations
Correct transactional errors
Review and refine processes and templates
Customize reporting to identify key sales trends and other metrics
Provide training and/or monthly support

Outsourcing Accounting

Your business is growing and it’s time to bring in a partner to keep up with the details, allowing you to devote your energies to other pressing matters or, imagine this!, work fewer hours in a week.

Income and expense transaction recording
Bank and credit card reconciliations
Technology reviews for process improvement
Payroll and sales tax support
Financial and key metric reporting
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